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Predictive Solutions


Stat: Monitor airport baggage system to predict maintenance and improve availability to over 95%

Track patrons in various public areas

Monitor people movers to predict maintenance and improve availability

Deploy LoRaWAN™ sensors to monitor conditions such as, vibrations/movement, Electric connection, Temperature/Humidity

Result: early detection of issues for intervention and predictive maintenance of assets to reduce or avoid downtime

Asset Geolocation

Space Utilization

Cold Chain Management

Smart Waste Management

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Our Capabilities

Program Management/Project Management


Site Surveys


POS Systems

Cloud Computing Systems

Agent & Bot Managed Interactions

Digital Chat Bots
City, State, Postal Code

Networking (Infrastructure, LAN, WAN, Security)

Wi-Fi & Wired Network Engineering & Installations

Site Surveys

WAN Transport

Lighting Management / Energy Saving Solutions

Low Voltage Wiring


Call Center Systems

Customer Service Communications

Maintenance Contracts

Why Choose Tactura

Unique Approach:

Continuous, iterative model accelerates digital transformation initiatives, driving competitive differentiation and ensuring ROI

Leveraging data through integration of Enterprise Systems with the proliferation of new IoT devices

Unique Technology:

Patent pending data sharing software platform

Seamless data ingestion, annotation, storage, and sharing at scale

Unique Data Sharing:

Compliant data sharing enables new value creation

Addresses current and future privacy standards


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Tactura Enables

Speed: Rapid development of applications and solutions

Governance: Compliant data storage and sharing capabilities for evolving privacy and security regulations

Flexibility: Open sourced, dynamic applications are easily modified, enhanced and optimized to continuously adapt and drive  incremental value

Choice: Agnostic to device, application and analytics layers providing unlimited options for selecting current and future technologies, partners, and devices

Innovation: A common platform enables creation of new business processes and continuous value